Sound is all around us, all the time, but mostly goes unnoticed in urban life.
We are much more conscious and in control of or visual than auditory perceptions. Sound becomes a continous stream, or background noise. Sound is noticed when is disturbing, loud or intrusive.
But sound can also be a powerfull and positive trigger of feelings, associations, memory and imagery. How can we use this?


People can be forced to reflect on sound in their surroundings
Our informants clearly connect this sound with

  • A place (hearing images)
  • A mental state, feeling or vibe

General problems

  • Unclear goal
  • leading to a task not specified well enough
    …making results difficult to analyse

Specific or practical problems

No pictures of humans, even though the city is full of them!

Not all postcards connected with factual location/time or prerecorded sound
This makes comparing the returned probe hard

Hard to present sounds in a realistic way.

Skriv et svar

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